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NC Great 38

2018 Date, Location, & Directions
The 13th Annual NC Great 38 will be played on Sunday, May 20, 2018

6:15pm Face-off in Charlotte's Downtown Memorial Stadium

American Legion Memorial Stadium is a 17,000-seat stadium located on 7th Street in the Elizabeth community of Charlotte, North Carolina
1218-1238 Armory Dr, Charlotte, NC 28204 Map It!


2018 NC Great 38 Player Nominations
High School Head Coaches only may nominate deserving seniors for the game by sending an email to

Nominations are accepted between April 15 and must be received no later than Friday, May 4, 2018.

The email nomination must contain:

  • Players Name:     
  • Position (only one):
  • Will he play college lacrosse?
  • If yes, where?
  • Dad’s Name:
  • Dad’s Cell:
  • Dad’s email:
  • Mom’s Name:
  • Mom’s Cell:
  • Mom’s email:
  • What summer club team did he play for?



Kindly note that all the information above is accurate at the time of posting to the web site and that all the information contained is subject to change based on registration numbers, field contracts, and a number of other unforeseen factors that impact the administration of lacrosse leagues and programs in the Charlotte area. Due to the anticipated number of students wishing to participate, registration forms will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that schedule & field location subject to change due to availablity and final registrations. Finally while we will make every attempted to reschedule practices & games that are canceled due to inclement weather or other reasons, we can not guarantee that cancelled practices or games will be rescheduled, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

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